Everything is possible at Klarna Engineering

We want to start a new kind of events at Klarna with a simple idea in mind: everything is possible.

Why? Just because people at Klarna, the ones sitting next to you, are amazing! Do you know that there’s a trampoline champion within us?

We have a great opportunity to meet people, share experiences and discover the world just by asking the people around us. To facilitate this, we want you to be really creative with the office space: sports, boardgames, dancing, family events… everything is possible.

As an example, I’ll tell you something about me: My mother and I host a popular cooking blogs in Spain: www.recetasdemama.es (+400K facebook friends)

Bernie discovered the blog on Tuesday and asked me to prepare something for Engineering. OK, big challenge but I know everybody likes paella, can we go for it? Suddenly the event has to be this Thursday and no way I’m cooking for +100 people with this short notice, but surely we can have something fun with food! I team up with Anna Jusufovic and Nadia Mohedano and came with the idea of having a cold lunch with very original Spanish food.

Today we arrived early to the office, went to buy some kitchenware and ingredients and took ownership of the Atrium, this big thing with plants on the 1st floor.


Since 10:00 am Bernie, Yuval, Anna and me have been cooking some delicious food. People were really curious about what we were doing.

Yuval following Francisco's instructions
Yuval follows Francisco’s instructions

At 12:30, Mayas and Panda teams joined us and helped finishing the last details of the dishes.

Mayas and Panda teams help with finishing touches
Mayas and Panda teams help

By 13.00, everybody was enjoying a delicious Salmorejo, a very special Pan Tumaca and an improvised salad with carrots, blue cheese and honey. For dessert: tiramisu veloce.

Incredible! Did you try it? Ask Anna for the recipe!

Anna's Tiramisu
Anna’s Tiramisu

Food is just an excuse to meet people and we’re taking this initiative quite seriously, so we’re thinking about the next event.

How can you participate? You’re probably in one or both of these groups: I-like-to-cook and I-like-to-eat. If you’re in the first one, ping Anna and me; if you’re in the second one, be alert to messages from klarnacooks.com, we promise they will be yummy.


Last but not least, all the office are belong to us: What will you do next? Be creative and ask for any help you might need to host the event that you’re dreaming about.

Have a great summer!!

Francisco Juan
Software Engineer

Camilo and Spartak approve
Camilo and Spartak approve

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