Do not be daunted by the french name, this is another way of saying chocolate cream. This is one of the simplest chocolate recipes I have tried.

Ganache is very versatile, once the basic sauce is done, it can be used “as is” for a wonderfully smooth, creamy and shiny cover for cakes or it can be whipped to make a fluffy frosting that can be used for cupcake/cake topping or filling.


  • 250g Liquid whipped cream (e.g. Alpro Soya Airy & Creamy)
  • 250g Dark baking chocolate


Melt the chocolate in bain-marie until all chunks are dissolved. Add the whipped cream and stir until you see it coming together like in the picture. Take the pot from the bain-marie to cool down and the cream/glazing is done. When it is hot it will feel more liquid but it comes together if you let it cool for a bit.

To make the filling/frosting, transfer the cream in a mixing bowl and put that bowl in iced water. Mix it with a normal mixer while it cools down in the water. You will notice that the colour will get lighter and the cream will stiffen.

For the sauce, before removing the pot from the stove you should gradually increase the amount of cream or add some milk of your choice (e.g. soy milk) until you are satisfied with the consistency.


  • Some also add coconut oil or butter to make the cream shinier. That might not be good for the frosting version though.
  • You can also use favours like orange zest or aromas depending on the overall vision.


Photo by luisacontreras-87 License Attribution Attribution 2.0 Generic

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  1. Francisco Juan says:

    I love adding pepper or a bit of coffee to change its aroma! Great recipe


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