Gluten free semla

So, this wkend my cravings for the Swedish pastry “semla” simply became overwhelming. How so you ask? Haven’t there been semlas around for weeks now? Yes, but not gluten free versions. Hence I vowed to bake my own gluten free version this year, but up until this wkend hadn’t found the time. But now I’ve tried it and must say I was quite pleased with the result. The dough (which uses xantangummi to emulate the gluten in wheat flour doughs) really felt almost like an ordinary dough and tasted very similar as well. The only downside with this version, compared to the more popular almond-flour version, is that it needs to prove for 3 (!) hours. But, like you say in Swedish, “den som väntar på något gott”.


Dry ingredients
150 g (2,5-3 dl) rice flour
200 g (3 dl) potato flour
20 g (2 msk) xantangummi*
6 g (2 msk) pofiber
100 g (1 dl) sugar
1 tsk ground cardamom

Wet ingredients
12 g baker’s yeast (the fresh version for sweet doughs)
200 g (2 dl) lukewarm milk
100 g (2 st) eggs
75 g butter (room temp!)

1 msk rapeseed oil for rolling

Some of the crumb (inkråmet) from each bun
200 g almond paste
2 dl double cream

3 dl double cream
2 msk icing sugar

Measure and mix all dry ingredients in a bowl and put to the side. In another bowl, dissolve the yeast in some of the milk, then mix with the remaining milk and the eggs. Pour the liquid into the dry ingredients and add the butter in cubes. Mix until the dough is smooth (preferably in a kitchen aid or similar).

Add rapeseed oil to your hands and start partitioning the dough into 50 g lumps (approx 12 buns). Form each lump of dough into round little buns and place on a baking tray covered in baking paper. Cover the buns with plastic foil and let rest for about 3 hours.

The original recipe said to heat the oven ’til 250 °C but I think you’d be better off with approx 200 °C otherwise they become too dark on the outside while still not being done on the inside. Anyways, bake the buns ’til they’re nice and golden (approx 15 min) and then let cool completely on a cooling tray under a clean towel.

Cut the top off the buns and remove about 1 msk of the crumb from each bun. Then mix with the grated almond paste and the cream. Let swell a bit and then put it back into the buns.

Whip the cream and pipe it onto the base of each bun before adding the lid on top. Sprinkle icing sugar on top. Voilá!

*can be purchased in well stocked ICA/Coop or at GoodStore (Hornstull/Medborgarplatsen)

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  1. I am definitely trying gluten free next year – these look gorgeous! 💜

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