Bread baking fun!

We recently had a trial bake-off for sourdough bread lead by Erik Hedberg. We wanted to see how easy it is to do this at work without compromising on work or appointments. In my opinion it went really well.

Here is a video I made to portray the experience.

Even though it spanned over the entire day I did not feel I missed any working time due to good planning. We started early in the morning with a 30 min meeting where we each mixed the dough and asked a lot of questions! It was 125g starter, 400g flour, 280g water and 8-12g salt (matter of taste). The starter was provided by Eric.

Then we were supposed to each fold the dough every 30 to 60 min until lunch – a task that lasted 5 min or less. It was especially short since we all had different schedules and thus would fold at different times. In the end it was simpler than I initially thought, since I just did it when I took a coffee break!

Next we met for another 15 min after lunch to check on the progress and a last fold before we let it sit for 3 to 4 hours.

Before going home we met to bake the bread! We took it out of the box, shaped it into  a round blob, made cuts and put it in the oven. After it baked we let it set over night and had it next day for breakfast.

It was a great experience and I will try and make bread again at home. Thanks Erik for all the guidance and the fun! Looking forward to the official event in the future.

Here are more pictures:


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