Vegan Sushi (maki)

Some might wonder what is there to fill into vegan sushi. Especially since most people link sushi with fish. I must say though that vegan sushi is really versatile and very tasty! !Note: you will need a bamboo rolling mat for the sushi rolls. Alternatively you can use a thick towel covered with kitchen plastic wrap….

Fruit Ice Cream

Here is a quick hack to having fresh fruit ice cream in 5 min. Ingredients frozen fruit of choice sugar, dates or agave syrup to taste soy milk or creamed coconut (if  you want it to be more smoooth) optional: vanila, cardammom or safron Preparation Put frozen fruit together with, for example, dates and a little bit…

Nutella croissants

Saturday morning play time resulted in these yummy treats… Ingredients: 2 dl cold milk 35 g yeast 2 beaten egg yolks 50g soft butter 2 tablespoons granulated sugar 7-8 dl flour 1 egg for brushing Nib sugar Filling: Nutella Preparation: Pour a little milk in a bowl. Dissolve the yeast and add the remaining milk….