Pita bread soaked in beef soup

In Chinese, it also called “Niu Rou Pao Mo”, which is a famous Muslim food from Xi’an. The silk road connect northwest China and Xi’an, and this food is one of the emerging from two cultures.

The complication about “Pita bread soaked in beef soup” is, of course, the soup and the bread 🙂

How to prepare the soup

You need:

  • A big bone of cow and better to ask the butcher to open the bone, so the beef marrow can give more taste to the soup. I got one cow leg bone, and the butcher cut it to two parts.
  • Half kilo of fatty beef
  • Seasoning from the picture:

Among all the seasonings, the most important ones are: Sichuan pepper (at least 5g), Fennel(at least 10g), Ginger

And four spring onion stems(forgot to take into the picture) cut to 1 inch size, leave the green leaves for later usage.

  1. Get a pot fill with water, put the bone and beef in, big fire until it is boiled
  2. Take the blood foam on top out, and put on middle/small fire for one hour
  3. Add all the seasonings, boil for two more hours
  4. 20 mins before the soup is ready, add salt.

How to prepare the “pita bread”

The bread should be a bit hard, so it won’t soak too much soup later and get soggy. And my recipe is for two adults portion.

  1. 300g wheat flour, 150g water, half tea spoon salt and very little yeast(optional), mixed together to a well shaped dough
  2. Make the dough rest for 15–30 mins. The dough shouldn’t become fluffy.
  3. Take the dough out, and split into smaller pieces, roll them to 1cm thick round shape
  4. Take a flat pan, brush oil on the bottom before you put the bread in. Use middle fire to cook the bread. 2 mins each side. And it is better to cover the pan while cooking.

How to make the bread soup

Finally it’s time to cook the bread soup!

  • Put dry wood ear mushroom with hot water, glass noodle with cold water until they become soft. Cut the spring onion leaves to small pieces.
  • Take the beef from the soup out, wait until it’s dryer, then split/cut into small pieces. I only used half of the meat(1/4 kilo) from the soup.
  • Break all the breads to small pieces, like you nail size.
  • Get a new pan, heat a bit oil. Fry the spring onion when the oil is hot.
  • Add soup, and some hot water if the soup is too oil-ly. I used around 60% soup, 40% hot water. Wait for the new soup to be boiled.
  • Add wood ear and beef
  • Add all the bread and glass noodle, season with salt and very little sesame oil, mix for 1–2 mins
  • Then IT IS READY! Put some coriander and spring onion as topping if you like.

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